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The Slinky Monster is the only jig I will ever fish and the only jig I will ever need to fish. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of fishing jigs for bass or trout, but when it starts getting colder in the fall, for bass especially, you have to fish deeper to catch more fish. Enter the Slinky Monster. This jig is articulated using a Spawn jig shank giving the fly more effortless movement through the water, so it can bounce across the bottom and glide through the water. Becuase it is tied witha combination of flash and fox fur, the fly undulates on each strip, enticing the fish to swim over and take a bite. Simply put, the Slinky Monster is the closest I can get to a perfect jig and I would highly reccomend you checking it out.

The Slinky Monster (three flies)

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